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How to download and install RadioGroup ActiveX Control for VB 6.0?

Download RadioGroup ActiveX Control for VB 6

Before you begin using the RadioGroup.ocx control, it must be registered to the system. To do this, you can use the RegSvr32.exe tool located in your System or System32 directory. Pass the path to RadioGroup.ocx as parameter.

Register the component using REGSVR32.EXE:

From the Start Menu, select "Run".
Then type: REGSVR32 "\Path\RadioGroup.ocx"

A message box will confirm the registration.

To use the component in your projects, please add it to the VB toolbox by opening the Project menu and selecting "Components". From the Component list of registered components, select "RadioGroup". The component will appear on the toolbar, ready for use. Click the RadioGroup icon and paste the control onto a form.


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